Barry Brown

barry@dsv.su.se / barry@di.ku.dk / barry.brown@me.com

Professor of Human Computer Interaction at Stockholm University &
Professor, HCC, University of Copenhagen
Visiting Professor, KTH
Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham

Professor Barry Brown is a research professor at Stockholm University and a Professor at the University of Copenhagen, within the HCC group.

At Stockholm he helps to run the STIR group – Stockholm technology and interaction research group. This group has received funding from Vinnova, SSF, VR, Wallenburg, Microsoft, Nissan, Mozilla and the EU. His two most recent books have been published by Sage and MIT Press, focusing on how to research the use of digital technology, and the study and design of leisure technologies. Professor Brown previously worked as the research director of the Mobile Life research centre (2011-2017), and as an associate professor in the Department of Communication at UCSD (2007-2011). He has published over 100 papers in human computer interaction and social science forums, along with five ACM best paper nominations (CHI, CSCW, Ubicomp), one ACM best paper award (CHI) and a recent 10-year impact award from the Ubicomp conference. In terms of research funding he has received over $8 million (75 milion SEK) in research funding from the UK research councils, NSF, and European and Swedish Funding agencies. His research has also been covered in the international press including the Guardian, Time, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Voice of America and Fortune Magazine.